CoreX: Where Efficiency Meets Durability

Experience the perfect synergy of affordability and resilience with CoreX, our innovative padel court solution. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance without excess, CoreX optimizes strength and longevity while remaining budget-friendly. Designed for discerning buyers who prioritize value and reliability, CoreX offers a streamlined alternative without compromising on quality. Explore the smart choice for your padel court needs with CoreX.

Custom options

Explore our customizable options to guarantee peak performance, align with your budget, and unleash the potential for crafting a truly distinctive padel court. With our tailored solutions, you have the freedom to optimize every aspect, ensuring seamless play, cost efficiency, and a standout court that reflects your unique style and branding.

Artificial Turf Specifications

Tailor your padel turf for a smooth, durable, and high-performing surface that meets your exact needs.

Padel Turf Color

Select from a variety of colors, including Clay, Blue, Red, Green, and Pink, to perfectly complement your court’s aesthetic.

Square Tube Size

Choose between CoreX and Pro versions, each offering different square tube sizes for pillars and beams, while maintaining exceptional quality.


Personalize your padel court with branded elements such as Net Posts, Net Tape, Entry Padding, and Corner Pillars to reflect your unique style.

Lighting Post

Opt for C-shape, Z-shape, or straight designs to enhance both the visual appeal and functionality of your court.

LED Lighting

Elevate visibility and ambiance on the court with your choice of two LED lighting options

Get in Touch

Share your requirements, and our dedicated sales team will promptly assist you. As a trusted padel court manufacturer based in China, we recommend considering a minimum order of two courts for optimal container shipping efficiency.