Premier Padel Courts for Every Project

Elevate your project with our premier padel courts! Perfect for tennis clubs, academies, leisure centers, hotels, resorts, golf clubs, condominiums, and private use.

Expertly Crafted Padel Courts: Safety and Durability Guaranteed

Trust our experienced, professional team to deliver padel courts of the highest standards, using premium materials and equipment. With our guarantee of safety and durability, Your padel court will withstand the test of time.


Featured Padel Court Kits


A foundational padel court with balanced performance and cost-effectiveness. Perfect for clubs seeking reliable quality.


Same appearance as Classic, with enhanced durability.


Super panoramic view for an immersive experience.

Main Parts of a Padel Court

Steel Frame and Fencing

The Pillar Structure is meticulously crafted from Q235 Steel, a highly sought-after material renowned for its exceptional strength and remarkable corrosion resistance. Renowned in building structures, Q235 Steel ensures durability and reliability for long-lasting performance.

Tempered Glass

Our tempered glass boasts impeccable flatness and undergoes a rigorous 100% heat soaking test for maximum safety. Precision cutting ensures exact dimensions, while the flat polish edge enhances both aesthetics and safety, smoothing away micro-cracks. Additionally, our drilling process creates beautiful holes with chamfered openings, further ensuring structural integrity and visual appeal.

Artificial Grass

Our padel artificial turf features cutting-edge technology with a TUFTING system for optimal performance. Crafted from polyethylene (PE) filaments with specialized additives, it offers exceptional resistance to UV rays, heat, cold temperatures, and extreme weather conditions.


Our LED sports lighting solutions for padel courts adhere to national and international standards, ensuring superior visibility, uniform light distribution, and minimal light spill. With low energy consumption and durable materials, our lighting minimizes costs and guarantees a long lifespan. Additionally, our easy installation process accommodates various infrastructure and competition levels, providing tailored LED solutions for every need.